Breakcore + Metal

new tunes up on my virb page - one called ‘beaten’ which is superfast amens and riffage
and the other is a rmx of the nes duckhunt game sounds done in netweb style collaboration with Matt/audioscribbler from this very forum.

hope you enjoy them both…

w00t! downloading! :D

Whoa, Really liked this mate!

Keep up the good work :)

well, you got a thick beat going on, real flamey atmosphere, 100%
breakcore amenrush moshpit material! but it could benefit from more
depth; the breaks feel rather repetitive, catchy as it may be at first,
but when beats and guitars are the only elements up front, I think you
should try to compensate the minimal choice of ‘instrumentation’ with
a less straight-to-the-point composition. surprise your listener! this track
explodes massively in your face, which I consider a great thing, but the
track quickly loses its power.

second, the track’s soundspectrum is a bit narrow, the bass falls in the
back and the highs of the guitar are like shrapnel to the ears. perhaps
balancing the elements you have within the track itself, gives you more
room to explore your sound and with it, the composition.

I really dig the concept and the raw nature of the track, but spending
perhaps spending more time on the execution and mix of the track,
could turn it up another notch to wreak havoc and let loose the dogs
of war!

thanks for the feedback - the tune was written in a single session so it’s not suprising it feels a little repetitive - it’s just one riff sampled and messed with over some amens - but i was pretty happy with the results - unfortunatley as for the mix - i was using headphones and a hi fi system with broken speakers! i’m looking at some maxing my credit card on some monitors soon tho and hope to make a lot more aggressive style breakcore stuff tho - so cheers man!

i quite like the concept of the beaten track - ive done some sort of similar stuff myself, but it was more sort of, pure metal with the ocassional spiralling ambient section (featuring breakcore drumbeats!)

are you a guitarist? if you aren’t and you ever need some riffage just shout :guitar:

Damn! “beaten” is truly intense! :w00t: Nice work! :)

yep - anytime i play anything in renoise i always end up cutting the sample up so much that it’s never even remotely similar to the original idea - fun though.

Beaten is definitely a cool piece. I agree with an earlier poster that suggested more dynamics and a focus on mix. I guess I would call this drama. The assault does lose it’s power at times and that’s because there is very little contrast. If there were more contrast, you could really work that fast and powerful rhythmic section to full effect.

At any rate, I enjoyed listening to this. Best of luck to you with it.