Breakcore Tune

I am trying to do some breakcore
please give feedback !

edit : I putted some bass and did some other changes

Pretty nice!

And now the feedback part :P

I think the drums are far too loud for the strings, it might sound a lot better if the drums are less loud (in volume) so the track will have a more balanced “feel”
I 'm also missing a bassline in this tune.
Now the song is only strings a lot of breaks and a appreggio-synth at the end.
Especialy in “the club” there must be a bassline ;)

Good luck!

btw did you listen to the “rossz csillag alatt született” album of Venetian snares before you made this track? ;)

Thanks for the feedback :)
Yes you are right the bass is missing… i have some problems to have a bass that doesn’t dissapear behind all the drums. I will try to find one.
And yes of course it has some venetian snares influence (that suck a little, i would like to do something that doesn’t sound “like venetian snares but less good”)

expiriment with the eq!! you’ll see that every bass will fit!

Okay :)
Hey i’ve seen your “marbles” video on youtube some time ago. You rock !

thanx a lot !!
…but offcourse I could never top this

Ah yeah, this song is one of my favorites from vsnares. I’m always wondering how he did at moment 0:37 with all the fast little sounds…

Thats just a lot of samples at hi speed chopped of with the “off” buttun.

check these .xrns tunes of “Benefit of the Boomerang”


a lot of learnfull stuff in those beats ;)