Breakcore Type Work In Progress

I wanted to post a little of what I’ve been working on.
This is still pretty bare bones and tentative and only about a 1/3rd of what I have so far.

225 bpm amen abusage.
Yes I use other breaks.

yank_crime - 060412sample2.mp3 (1.5mb)

awesome :yeah:

what is that trumpet-type sample from?

PS: theres a conspiracy against breakcore here! we both get 27 views and no comments…something fishy going on…better break the trend :P

Actually it’s from the intro of Shaolin Master Killer.
Might be a horn/string combo thing.
Maybe I’ll post another short one.

cool :) looking forward to this thing being complete

just something to add to what I said previously which imo makes its a bit wierdo coincidental-o…my little unfinished clip is 1:03 long too ;0

I’m looking forward to finishing it too :)
I will have to check yours out.

Here’s another part. Same disclaimer about it being unfinished/tentative, especially the drums at the end of this clip (way sloppy).
Tell me if you can guess what the main sample is in this one.
yank_crime - 060412sample1.mp3 (1.5mb)

Where is the groove?

In my mind a good breakcore track has to be groovy, if not it’s lifeless

I don’t know man, I hate categorizing stuff but that’s the closest I could come up with. Plus it’s really just practice that I’ve messed around with fleshing out a bit.

Much of what I like doesn’t dwell on any one “beat” for more than 3 seconds.

I don’t even want to get into a philosophical debate on categorization.

This is really nasty.

Also looking forward to the completed version.