Breakdance Era Music

Hello backspinna’s!

Here’s a link to an electro style tune I recently finished. It was supposed to be a little more kraftwerky than it turned out. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Guys and enjoy the tune!

Wow, the panning on this is just top notch! (do they still use that term?)

I really enjoy the beat! Very… breakbeaty :) Hehe, great stuff!!!

I don’t really know what else to say… Nice chords on the melody :)

I am very keen on knowing what VSTi’s you used on this.

Again, very nice!!!

ALSO!!! 4:04 into the song, very nice effects :D haha

PS: Been listening to this about 3 times now, and I for some reason it reminds me of the old Mega Man tunes on the game boy…

This is not a bad thing though, MegaMan music is great, and very memorable :)

Hi, cheers mate! Glad you like it. I’m a bit on the oldschool side and haven’t started using vsti’s yet. Basically its mostly sampled from records and my korg x3 for the melodies.
Its all pretty much pure renoise.

A fine tune. :)

you’d better forget about Kraftwerk: this is more personal and nifty style.

Liked it.