Breakpoint 2004 Demoparty

this year’s BreakPoint demoparty is coming!

ReNoise files are allowed in the tracked music competition!!

As a special bonus, you would also meet me at the party :D :rolleyes:

NOOOOO! Not again!!! :D :rolleyes:

… just kidding ;)

Well I hope you´ll compose a dancetune or something like that for the tracked-music compo this time, in that case you´ll probably have a chance to come thorugh the pre-selection :P


for the record : i’ll be there too, this time we it-alien and me need to have a burp competition. missed that last time :D

After looking at the pictures I get the feeling that this is some kind of weird scener terrorist camp… <_<

great <_<

I lost my driver license today. Well it seems bp2004 is cancelled for me if I don´t find a ride :angry:

Are you one of those 89 year old grandpas that love grooving around with renoise, or are you just a reckless driver :P

hmph <_<

yeh… well lets say old grandpa grooving around with renoise and driving with slicks… :unsure: