Breakpoint Demoparty 2005

BP2005 is going to be help at the usual Bingen am Rhein (DE) location.

I’ll be there.

Anyone else?


I’ve never been to a scene party before, and I’ve always wanted to go. This one seems pretty interesting.

I -HOPE- I’ll be able to come, this year :unsure:

Dblue: you HAVE to go if you have never experienced the feeling before! :)

I really want to, but none of my friends (in Norway) are able to join me. I’m seriously considering just going on my own though, as sad as that sounds, haha.

Parties like The Gathering look really cool as well, but, maybe a bit too big? 5000 people (or whatever it was last year) is just crazy. Plus, I’m not really interested in seeing a bunch of assholes playing Counterstrike all day, hehe.

This Breakpoint party looks really cool. Really… pure? I dunno. It just looks like the kinda thing I would have fun at. Something a bit more intimate, y’know?

I’ll give it some more thought over the next few days :)

How many other people here will be going on their own? How many will be travelling with a friend (or a few friends)?

A good number of italian people will come: I’m going to travel alone, because noone else come from southern Italy, but I will sleep with Dixan and Pan from Spinning Kids in an hotel room (yes, we’re getting old :)).

Yes, BreakPoint is very scene related: there will be no gamers.

By the way, ReNoise files are accepted into the tracked music competition.

Shame on you! The only right way is on an inflatable matress below the tables. :)

Actually, I’ve always slept directly on the floor using my notebook bag as a “pillow”. In the golden age, when I didn’t have any notebook, I simply slept on the floor :)

Now, since I work until the day before the party (which I reach by plane getting awake at 4AM) and the day after the party, and since I’m 28, and since the NH Hotel in Bingen is very comfortable… B)

And about the shame… at least I still go to parties :P

Touché :)

That doesn’t sounds sad at all! :D
I can clearly foresee that you will spend some time explaining to your friends that it is not you the one “on his own”. It is more like - you are going to da place… and they are left behind. Once you’ll be there you’ll see what I mean :)

Yes, as far as I know… many modern parties have turned to little more than lan-gaming… and that disappointed quite a number of people.

IF I’m going there, I’ll probably be going with some friend… and they are not even sceners… they decided to come once (at Mekka Symposium) and they couldn’t resist coming back.

Dixan! :) I know he’s getting better and better with music… he even asked me to join him on some Bp music compo… in order to have some more “worthy” opponents :lol: :lol:

Well, don’t forget the dorm ;) :lol:

Unfortunately I live in the north of England and cheap airlines such as Ryanair don’t fly to Frankfurt from my local airport (Newcastle). There are flights on other airlines with connections, but they are at least 2x as expensive. Also, if I wanna be there for the whole party (from the minute it starts to the minute it ends), the awkward flight times available would force me to arrive a day early and leave a day later, otherwise I would miss quite a lot of the party, so I’d have to think about where I’m gonna be living for those extra days.

There are other flights which would get me there in time, but they are lots more expensive. I could use Ryanair from London, but that involves a 300 mile train ride from here to go catch my flight, which is a bit of a pain in the ass, heh.

It’s not really the price that bothers me, I have the money, it’s just the amount of hassle, haha. I like to try and keep things nice and minimal if possible. Trains, planes, buses, more trains, more buses, etc., and making sure I’m on time for everything, could cause a few headaches :)

I wish I had found out about this damn thing sooner, so I could have done more planning. I’ll keep looking around and thinking about it.

The last party i attended was the TRC / SCS X-2004 Commy gathering here in the Netherlands. And that was because i would know for sure that i wouldn’t bump into Counter-Strike or Quake addicts. For the exceptional machines been there illegally (meaning it was a computer but not a C64), in total i’ve seen one PC and one Macintosh laptop and some vintage 1967 sinclair (Russian edition meaning:No manufacturer tags) and a couple of other found-in-a-very-old-dumpster pong-game variants.
We had normal beds here that was quite an improvement against the cardboard tiles they used at The Party III and IV in Herning.
And the reason i mention Herning was because some prick found it a neat idea to blast off some fire-bolds and crackers in the sleeping area where people were still sleeping.

Even though, Büdesheim is a 4 hours drive for me…
I’m a bit too old for this stuff sleeping in large halls where people usually act indoor-sporting games.

i’ll be there to

Unfortunately, I won’t be there :(

I can only say #§£%. Damn, this is th first Breakpoint I miss :angry:

Me too again :(
Don´t have enough money and my company is forcing me to work half a day even on those holidays :angry: :angry:

Oh well, there´s also Evoke to check out this year. Never been there so maybe I´ll try to get there this time.

i wanted to go there but… i’m sick, no one is giving me a lift, we didn’t finished our demo…

what a shame, many of my friends are going to go there… but we are organizing marast demoparty so this will be a little satisfaction ; )

ptrance bloody yeah, it was a cool party! it was too bad just so few demos went on the bigscreen… looking forward to see crest’s demoshow and play painstation again ; D