Bridged plugins slow down RenoiseGUI w/ open save/modal dialog


if there is a bridged plugin (64bit host with 32bit plugin) with some parameters automated thru meta devices, the audio starts to stutter / slowdown, if the gui is freezed while a popup (like the save dialogue).

steps to reproduce

  1. open test song I PMed to taktik on OSX system

  2. set audio latency to 3ms

  3. play

  4. open Renoise’s save dialogue. Now wait ~30 seconds

  5. the kick drum starts to stutter until totally freeze

  6. stop slow downing by cancel save dialogue

EDIT: The brigded plugin’s gui can stay closed!

EDIT2: It works with any bridged plugin!


I forgot to mention that it uses the Cyanide 2 AU plugin:

No no no …

Not the modal popups from a plugin, but the modal save dialogue from Renoise! I edited the topic title…

The plugin’s gui can stay closed!