Brilliant? Midi Solution

Several times I gave Ideas for midi solutions,
I myself work renoise live, so it’s nice to be able to play more than one instuments at a time.

-----------------------stupid plan:look for good plan to 2nd post--------------
wel this is the new plan:
to add an option to set the midi channel for the assigned masterkeyboard like this:

In device A: MS-20 controller channel: 1
In device B: Novation ReMote channel: ALL

then you set your instrument/vst to the assigned channel, and you’re done
and maybe there could be more masterkeyboards in. 4 would be cool :slight_smile:
-----------------------stupid plan:look for good plan to 2nd post--------------

any thoughts?

come to think of it, maybe my original idea was better,
to make your midi devices selectable in the dropdown-menu in the instrument section.

This way, the original “masterkeyboard in” can stay the same.
so then all the instruments/vst’s can be played with your master controller, but every instrument/vst can also be assigned to a deticated controller.
these settings will also be stored in the .rns file.

any thoughts?

I’ll add this picture to enforce my last idea:

here you can see the extra drop-down menu item on the bottom, where you can choose the desired midi controller/port to control the selected instrument.

any thoughts?

Well, it isn’t a bad idea. I too have wanted to play multiple instruments simulatenously or assign midi-input with specific instruments. You should add “None” to that assigment-list though.

Btw, there are 3 available inputs in your mockup, but as I’ve understood it Renoise only accepts 2 midi-inputs as of now?

This would be apart from the masterkeyboard in. which indeed support up to two devices. Those will stay to be controller of all, like now.

the none would be a good addition indeed to unsign it again.
this also aplies to the midi-mapper where unmapping also is unavailable.
but that is another story.

Not something I personally require but seems like a good and useful feature…

Ah… now I get what you mean. But wouldn’t it be an idea to be able to list either “masterkeyboard” (which is possible a sum of two controllers) or the controllers that are used as masterkeyboard too? It wouldn’t be possible to play several instruments using the masterkeyboard without it, would it?