Bringing Renoise to front is slow with huge filelists in the DiskOp

Hey, like mentioned in the title I bet this is not a bug, maybe it’s ram related(?). I wonder if more people here experience this or if I could somehow affect it by changing (system)settings?

The small irritation :

When Renoise is in ‘windowed mode’, minimizing it to the taskbar is done in an instant, meaning right away. Maximizing it back again though, takes up some time; just over 3 seconds on my machine (PIV 3.6 , 2 gig ram, XP pro)

Same for changing from windowed to fullscreen mode. Strangely this isn’t always the case, it seems like after long tracking sessions the switching takes up increasingly more time.

Any thoughts on this? Normal behavior?

Ok, I think I’ve found what’s causing this! It is the disk op search field setting.
When it is set to ‘Song’, Renoise minimizes & maximizes very slow, when the disk op is set to ‘samples’ it maximizes almost instantaneously! Also changing the view to trackscopes influences this positively.

Am I right to conclude the diskop & my harddisk are the cause of this, sure looks like it.

I think the diskop is being refreshed when Renoise regains focus. I’m pretty sure there was a discussion about that awhile back.

– codec

Yes, thats the problem, so it looks like you are having a lot of XRNSs in one folder or are using a network drive. There is really not much we can do about this. Not refreshing the browser is even more annoying when you need it.
Create some folders, avoid having hundreds or XRNS in one level. That should do the trick…

Yeah I noticed this to …Most of the time I make sure the disk browser isn’t open …