Britney Spears Has A Big Head

I got this raw, green-screen vid so I could mess with chroma-keying feedback… it works great, but adding that on top of all this chopping is enough to give anybody a seizure. So for now, here it is.

Awesome work!!! Like it very much! Got more music to listen to?

How it was done?

yes! a jitter user
nice one splody

heh, actually that is already enough to give me a seizure … may as well bring on the key effects!

I think you should key in some sort of scat-attack video behind her. Well done on the jit-jit-jit-jitter.

thanks for the replies guys.
I feel retarded for posting 3 videos of the same thing but it was kind of an experiment so whatever.
…one wack and one making-of.

actually that was quite interesting to see the patch/renoise one. i’d be interested to take a look at the patch itself when its finished if you don’t mind sharing it. nice work.

nice! how does one go about setting such stuff up?

You seen that Rusko is working with Britney Spears on her new stuff?

heh, i can’t say i’ll be waiting with baited breath for that one. i think the snoop dogg/chase and status tune is evidence that it is difficult to make this sort of thing work. i’m sure a rusko fred durst collab would be much more amusing. maybe a fred durst/britney/rusko song is the way forward. or jay-z, linkin park and caspa. surely the slightly ineffective but nonetheless okay inevitable method man dubstep track is the way forward. what i’d actually like to hear is KRS-One doing a vocal on dubstep, i think he’s one of the few people that could really pull it off:

fukin rhianna was talkin about doing dubstep too. grrrreat haha. It will be funny to watch people try and dance at the clubs to it.

I’d be happy to share the Jitter patch because it could definitely use some improvements or fresh ideas.
Just shoot me an email:

This is basically how it works…
The midi is routed from Renoise to Max. There is a list in Max for frame offsets which is triggered by the incoming midi note. I also used the midi velocity for a finer frame offset in this one.
Since the Jitter Quicktime movie player is not very responsive, I had to split the movie into a video file and a sound file.
A metronome object was used to drive the QT player, which actually worked a lot more accurately than i thought it would.
As soon as you hit a midi key, the movie and sound files offsets are triggered simultaneously.
The offset list can either be created from scratch or auto-split into equally spaced intervals.