Broken Dolls

I forgot what kind of music you call this. Well, it’s kind of dark and depressing, but what do I make that isn’t? haev funz

Broken link?

not really no

What style of music? Chippy ambient dance? I like this indeed, maybe needs just a little more subtle melodies here and there (not much) and a gentler mix. Quiet bits are stellar.

This works for me. Nice stuff. Thanks for sharing. 8 bits of sadness.

I liked it till that puny beat stumbled in, gets better thanks to the chords building upon… nice breakdown around 2.13 Could get an extra soloing layer, or maybe thats to cheesy? Some say it’s all about the motion in the ocean, but this track suffers from small beatsize lol Nah mate, not bad at all :)

Nice tune. I’ve never really attempted tunes like this myself (perhaps a little back in the MED days), but it does have a cosmic/night time atmosphere with a mysterious & melancholy edge to it. Good name for it too :)