Broken Hardcore

not my usual style, try several thing nu to me like actually sing ( really bad with a cheap mic so :w00t: ), try to work on climax and ambiance also

the mastering has been done (with renoise dsp) and my headphone so i will propably redone it soon

Broken Hardcore :yeah:

Dark sludgescape. A little HP on the bass would help focus things a touch.

thanx for listening but why a hp on the bass ? at wich hz ? i don"t understand … you mean there is too much subbass around 50 hz ?

Well lower than that, say around 29hz, -12db slope HP filter. And then some reductive rangers between 120 to 300hz, as it’s quite muddy down there. This will free up room in the mastering process and thus will produce a less ‘puffy’ sounding mix with more aggressive impact.

there is allready a -24 db at 50 hz on most of the bus
it’s muddy cause i’ve putten +6 db on the input on the limiter trying to do a loudness mastering lol :panic:
i will post a nu version soon with a proper “mastering” btw i like lots of bass !