Broken Key - Death From Within [2012] (Album Release)

here’s my latest release, using Renoise for 99% of everything other than some of the live recordings( used a tape deck for a few of those ). it features several of my musical friends and collaborators, and it covers a pretty huge variety of genres if i may say so. it’s conceptually about a human’s dilemma in modern society in a time when it really does seem like the world is ending, told from the point of view of independent musicians channeling the zeitgeist through their music as a natural product of their environments. it’s also fairly enjoyable dance music at parts. let me know what you think, and thank you so much!

-Daniel C Borgman( Broken Key )

I have enjoyed most of the album, but I can’t stand songs like “Why you wear green hat” by “Devon Circle”: I ask to myself what is the sense in releasing songs like that in 2012. Probably, if they were released in the 80’s by bands like Napalm Death they would have had some meaning, but they only look like noisy songs played by people who took a couple of playing lessons some years ago and gather in a cellar to play.

sorry for the harshness, but I can’t get the meaning of adding such songs in a otherwise enjoyable album. I don’t have anything against mixing genres (this is waht I did in almost every album I released), so there must be something I am missing

ah i understand your confusion. i released them to give a more thorough image and representation of the reality of the album. it is what it is, i guess. i did consider removing the live tracks, and making them a bonus or B-sides, but decided against it since i felt i had nothing to lose. but it turns out it’s kinda come back to bite me.

I liked some of the live tracks actually, expecially the guitar solo, I simply think that some others (namely those with the “singer”) are way above the standard of the album.

I also like the idea of mixing the two kind of tracks, there is nothing wrong with it and it is instead a good idea

Hey man I’ve been away from a computer, but I’m back and I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed it! It’s an honor to hear from a Renoise establishment such as yourself, mr. It-Alien. much love <3