[broque009] Cie - Erde Und Sterne Ep


there is a netrelease on -> www.broque.de with some of my tracks. All songs except the fourth were made with Renoise. :)

Cie’s little students apartment there is nothing left of his beginnings in the field of electronic music with the famous Amiga ten years ago. There is, however, a fine selection of sophisticated synthesizers to make a magic atmosphere in his tracks. So far his music has been published with Deep&Dark, Fabriquez and netlabels such as Liquid Skies and moods plateau. We are glad that he has provided Broque.de with 5 relaxed techno-like tracks, which are still influenced by his Cologne-style roots.

01 Frühlingsblume
02 82 Minuten
03 Kamikaze K
04 Stern im Netz
05 Kippstuhlanlehner

Feedback is very welcome! :)

i cant download those songs… :unsure:

Hm… can you describe the problem? I have tested the links and they work fine for me…

all together pretty good stuff.
“Stern im Netz” reminds me of some Oliver Lieb (LSG/SOL) tune which’s name i right now can’t recall unfortunatey… but it was good :)
not sure about the volume / mixing of the fx, strings and other melodic elements. they tend to overwhelm the rest (kick, bass, percs).

“Frühlingsblume” is sweet also, but again, somewhat same complaint about a more sophisticated mixing. the pads are way too loud in my opinion.
besides that, highly enjoyable stuff with good attitude.

Frühlingsblume reminds me of those new German electro-pop songs (erdmöbel, paula, peter licht…) …Indeed the songs fit good into the spring mood. Nice work.

Thank you for your comments. :)
Yes, I try to improve the mastering thing, thank you for the hints.