Browse More Content Within Xrns Files

You can already crack open an XRNS without loading it and drag samples from it into your current project, which is great, but it would be super-ace to be able to do the same thing with:

  • VST instruments with the saved patch intact
  • XRNI instruments
  • Native and VST fx devices with their saved settings
  • Entire DSP Chains

What do we think? Could this even be done with the scripting API?

+100 for life
or just +1 if that’s the limit

Also in this category: drag-n-drop DSP Chains! Would like this, we can already dnd samples to a specific spot in the instr./sample list, now dragging a .xrnt to a specific place in the mixer or directly to dsp chain position! That’d be awesome.

  • gazillion for loading complete instruments.

  • also load sync settings, as currently it is a bitch having to manually set each sample when importing from another song.