Browsing presets of VST3 plugin skips some presets

R3.3.2 W10 x64
I don’t know if this problem is generalized for all VST3s or is only caused by a single VST3.
I have tested it with Helm VST3 and Helm VSTi x64 v0.9.0, and the problem is only with VST3.

The problem

If the plugin has many presets, for example up to 255, when you are browsing a preset somewhat higher than half, say> 140, the forward or backward selection generates a jump, (instead of +1 it generates +2 ??? and in instead of -1 it seems to generate -1+1 ???). It happens by clicking and also with the wheel. It should only be +1 and -1.

You can try it from here:

Load Helm VST3 with at least 255 presets. Move through presets throughout the range. You will see that when browsing the presets> 140 approximately, the selection does not work correctly.

This does not happen with VSTi x64. Either there is a problem with the Helm VST3 or it is a general problem of all VST3s.

Any user who has other VST3s with a lot of presets could try this to see if it is a general problem?