Brutal Deluxe


the band is playing again :D
havn’t uploaded songs for a while now … here is something new just encoded
to delicious full stereo 48khz mp3

:drummer: :yeah: bitmap brothers


disclaimer: don’t download it when you don’t like hardcore guitars or loud stuff


One of my all-time favourite games AND one of my all-time favourite soundtracks.

Bitmap Brothers rock :P

Wicked remix!


Awesome, just awesome…

I wanted to put a link to my forum but was not able too which is a shame as there is a guy who would love this there…


hm? dont get it. you cant link … what? :blink:

it’s good to hear someone doing something other than the standard fare with renoise. i don’t know the original song so i can’t appreciate it in that way, but this is good hard grungey stuff.

wooooaah… what?!


you never played Speedball 2 on Amiga or Atari ST ?

one of the best games ever!

no, but i’m from america so those machines were never popular here. i was raised more on NES and ibm pc :)

This isn’t the original .mod from the game but it’s a fairly accurate recreation, and it’s all I could track down on short notice. Gives you a good idea of the original tune anyway.

interesting… why the hell does this sound SO familiar to me!? i mean i am almost positive i have never heard it before… but there must have been a pop song or something maybe 10 years ago that used some ideas from this? it sounded vaguely familiar when i listened to basil’s version too

i found some speedball.mod -> here.
sir IO, maybe you remember the xenon stuff :)

hmm maybe im wrong but i think -> this is the dude who made the original tune. maybe you remember something in the list :yeah:


“other than the standard fare” for life :D

oh crap, the dude made tunes for speedball 1. -> that dude made the ones in speedbal 2!

soz :rolleyes:

Nah you were right, Richard Joseph is the guy, but I seem to remember reading that the original game music was written in a weird custom format that wasn’t very compatible, so he recreated the tune later. Maybe I’m just imagining it, but the .mod I found online sounds slightly different to my memories from the game.

I’m gonna try and track down the game for an emulator and grab the music :)

yep, it the “David Whittaker”-Format :blink:
selfish guy named a format after himself!



rofl, mixed the dudes again.

Ok, I loaded up Steem and grabbed the audio from the Atari ST version of the game. Here’s an mp3 of it - complete with authentic sounding nasty lofi quantised sample quality! Ahhh, the good old days :)…_2_atari_st.mp3

You can hear the subtle differences between this version and the other .mod that’s available. A few notes are changed, some of the samples are slightly different versions, and things like the volume envelope of the main saxaphone type sound is a bit different too, it cuts off a little earlier giving it a tighter sound which I prefer.


Very cool stuff!

Maybe you recognise the song because it says on the info:

This is a cover of an original tune called “Brutal Deluxe” by Nation 12 (Simon Rogers), published by Rhythm King in 1990.

oh great stuff