BS 24db moog


I noticed that since an update to 3.1 i cannot find this filter anymore.

I tried to find it under analog filter and digital but i cannot make this kind of curve anymore :frowning:

Im pretty sure its not possible to do it anymore … what makes me sad.


Would it be possible to add under Digital filter mode : BandReject 24db moog ? Now there is only



-Chebyshev (nice add btw)

It seems 3.1 understands 3.0 “old” filters but its a shame i cannot “remake” those. The only way to do it is copy paste that old filter to new song.

Also noticed that Filter type LS is missing totally


Would be nice to get these back to 3.1 The more u have ways to morph sounds more interesting it is.


i think, look in here:


welcome. but, thank the people in that thread who took the time and bothered to share. :slight_smile: