BSOD using Glass Viper VST


I am getting a BSOD when using the Glass Viper Plugin from QuikQuak :

I am using 64 bit Windows 7, SP1 and Renoise 3.1.0 (64 bit).

The Plugin opens fine and seems to run as normal, the crash occurs when:

  1. Load any bank or preset

  2. Clear the instrument slot or close Renoise

These two action make Renoise crash and triggers BSOD. This only happens with the 64-bit version of the plugin.

This is the only plugin that triggers this kind of crash and it is always when I close the plugin (clear the instrument or close Renoise).

I am using a paid and registered version (latest version 1.42)

Attached with the post are windows minidump files and sysdata that resulted from the BSOD as well as Renoise logs and config



After further investigation, it seems that it is also happening with the 32-bit version unless the 32-bit and 64-bit version are scanned by Renoise. When both version are present, the crash does not occur on the 32-bit version (but still on the 64-bit).

NB. I did rename the 32-bit to distinguish them, maybe this plays a role in this weird behavior (?)