Bubblegum Wobble

Ok, this is pretty horrible :) , lyrical content, wobbles etc, but thought I’d share anyway…


Horrible? Nope. It’s whack in a good way:)

I think you should finish it. I kinda like the intro. Dubstep doesnt need wobbles which is a misconception. I would lay off on some of the wobbles. It kinda has a Nero feel.

first half’s better

I like second half. Its nice use of wooble, lots of variation.

Thanks for listening and commenting. I won’t revisit this Marcus, moving on to the next :)

It’s not “horrible”, it’s “freedom”.

Sure, I’d have expected a change in the rythm and in the way lyrics are handled in the “wobble part”. For example, a faster BPM, maybe distorted jungle dnb, something like that, with lots of “sliced lyrics”, well shorter lyrics samples, backward playback, scrambled and played so that they’ve no meaning anymore you see.

you expect a lot Kurtz :D