Budget Midi Keyboard Advice

Hi Guys.

I wanted to buy a new MIDI keyboard, i don’t have a big budget and hopefully u guys have some experience and advice with MIDI-Keyboards. :unsure:
I already own a really old Studiologic keyboard (No USB, no buttons pads sliders etc). It works only with MIDI-Cable.

Now i was looking around and saw a few budget ones.

1 : Fame Tweak http://www.musicstore.de/nl_NL/NLG/Fame-Tweak-61-USB-MIDI-Keyboard-Controller/art-SYN0003849-000?recId=6729c401-8608-4123-9597-1533abfd7fc6&campaign=EPOQ
This is from germany and i read somewhere that its from some chinese piano company so i have my doubts on the build quality, tho it has the most features.
2 : Alesis QX49, bit the same as number 1
3 : M-Audio Oxygen 49 (No MIDI-port and drumpads) but i think this one has better build quality?

I don’t really need the drumpads but the knobs and sliders are nice for Renoise, do you need MIDI-cable or can sliders and knobs also work with a USB Cable along with Renoise?

Transmits Midi over USB and works fine with Renoise and other MIDI aware software.

Eventually i went for the slight more expensive “M-Audio Axiom49 MKII”. keys buttons sliders etc feels alot better then the first generation Axiom.

I personally also liked the Novation Impulse design.