Buenzli demoparty

I’ve checked the Buenzli HP and seen that there is no direct support for RNS files in tracked music competitions.

I think that ReNoise team could give them a voice about it.

read in the Artist Exhibitionisting Competitions rules :

If the format isn’t supported by us (we support SKM, XM, MOD, S3M and IT), you have to bring along your own (but free available) player.

renoise don’t have a free player available.

that’s why. <_<

Renoise itself is a free player.

Anyone can download the unregistered version so I don’t see why this should be a problem.

Yeah, I’ve read the rules and already thought both the things you’ve wrote, but I think that there will be no way to let the organizers play a non “standard” format…

Think at it: they should load your program, test it, see if it matches the rules… you know, they will just pick a bunch of XM/IT files and keep the rest off, just because probably they don’t even know what ReNoise is, or maybe because they know that ReNoise has sponsored BreakPoint party, so probably they’re waiting for some money suport to let it be in :)

However, we still have plenty of chances to take part to the MP3 competition, and after all this is more fair, because ReNoise users have a lot of advantages on other trackers’ users, but this is obviously no Renoise’s fault :D

On the other hand, the rules say

which seems quite ridicolous to me <_<

I agree.

Personally I think renoise is for mp3 compos only unless it is made clear in the rules that no external plugs and synths are allowed.

that’s why I think this is ridicolous… “provide us with external DLL’s”…

are they included in maximum filesize?
can you use ANY DLL?
who knows…

however, the “free external player” could be even a player which supports VST effects and add them to the song. It can be a synth which read a MIDI file or who knows what…

the most ridicolous aspect of this is that this has become a sort of hybrid between a tracked and streamed compo, but in the end, you will see, only XM and IT files will be played: the other will be “pre-selected”.

I obviously hope I’m wrong.