Buffered Recording / Layered Tracks

One of the features I probably miss most in Renoise, is the ability to buffer your recordings while playing live at your MIDI-keyboard. In most sequencers, ie Cubase, you can for example loop a section of the song, press record, and then record your playing at your midi-keyboard again and again and again until you are satisfied with it, all your recordings are also buffered so you can go back to the recording you think was the best one…
In Renoise you can indeed loop for example a pattern or a selection, but as soon as the pattern loops you will start to record over your previous recordings, and everything will be messed up, this will make it very hard to for example record while improvising, and will also make it almost mandatory to reedit every live recorded track…
This could maybe be solve by some kind of layered tracks that allow multiple versions of the same tracks, and some kind of check box that together with the play/record-option tells Renoise to buffer all new recordings in those layered tracks. Can maybe be combined with the new arranger in any way… What do you think?

There is no secret that Renoise has a lot of room for improvement when we talk about live recording. Both midi and audio. I remember Martinal (who was doing the PR) was talking about this feature.
Also for normal audio recording this is very useful.
But as you said, this is probably for later when we got an arranger etc as this is not easy at all to implant properly in the current GUI.
The pattern editor in it’s current state (its very wide GUI-wise, and also very quantified) would not be very suited for this now, I think.

A simple buffer and overwriting as you suggest, could do this semi good.
But perhaps the best thing (especially for audio) is that you can expand a recording clip and see all layered recording side by side and then easily pick small parts of any recording in the loop.

In general: If we ever get a clip arranger, then I think we should be able to layer any kind of clips into each other (they can be hidden and muted, but they are still attached to your main/active clip.
This way you easily can have a ‘history’ attached to each clip.
This is very useful if your for instance use midi-clips that you render to audio clips. Then still your midi clip can be hidden/muted but still attached to your new audio clip. This way you can always ‘go back’ and rerender your clip etc.
This will be easily organized in a clip-list where you can expand/collapse clips etc. (the same way you can browse xrns in the browser.
This opens up for a lot of flexibility. Also to easily loop-record as you want to do.

Ability to record multiple takes is pretty useful.


or hows about the way recording is handled in Live?

basically you can have say a drum drum loop going in one clip,…

then record into another clip for as long as you like, or for as much hdd space you have.

that way you get to lay down take after take one after another in one long sequence. personally i prefer this over cubase’s multiple takes.

then you just go back to the bits that you like and crop it.

i do miss that thing about Live, so i still do alot of recording in Live.

but i do agree that this’ll probably come after whatever arranger the devs might have in mind.

The difficulty you mentioned in recording improvisations is indeed overwhelmed by your suggestion and it would be really nice.

i think with such an option i would finally start using my dust gathering novation remote.

How about “upon reaching the end of the song/loop, insert a clones of the currently selected patterns and keep playing seamlessly?”

(obviously, if tracks/pattern got separated a la Buzz, it would mean lots less redundancy)