Bug Or Error On My Part


I have been trying to render a song to file, and my 9 minute song keeps coming out 2 and a 1/3rd minutes long, or over a dozen 2 minute tracks (when checked to render the bunch). If I have made an embarrassing error, I have not been able to uncover it. Please, save my song! :blink:


I am on a Mac G5 running 10.4.6


Entire Song (chosen)
Selected Sequence
Single Pattern
Selection in Pattern


Browse /blah/blah/blaH

“Song Name”


Interpolation - Arguru’s sinc (perfect)

Samplerate - 44100 Hz (CD Quality)

Bit depth - 16 bit

Save each track into a separate file (checked)

Priority - Real (VST compatibility mode)

Also tried in in “cubic”
And lower “priorities”

This rendered the song into a bunch of files that were individually labeled

“9 minutes and a few seconds”

But the actual files were a little over 2 minutes.


Modification of question:

Turns out either Renoise or my Mac is mislabeling my wave files.

Why? I have no idea.

All my wave files rendered by Renoise say 9’41, but are in fact 2’21. Of course, this does not get in the way of my creative process, but it is a bit peculiar.

Is there some sort of possiblity that having Reason 3 installed on my computer might be cross mixing data or information?


Uncheck this box. ;)

Edit: Hmm, i’ve just read your post again, at least all rendered tracks should have the song length, no idea then. Sorry!. :blink:

Reason might be mislead by the off-timing of the wave-file due to the inaccurate bpm timing of Renoise.
I would not understand why the difference would be so large if this would be so however.