Bug or missuse?

Hi. I am new to Renoise and some weird things happen when I try to make a song. Example : I create a pattern for a VST and that pattern gets swapped randomly with another instrument or a sample. It happens randomly , sometimes when I close and re-open the song.

Also I somehow managed to make Renoise to move ALL of my vst filters cutoff to 0. All of them. If I switch each synth filter back , Renoise will bring the cutoff values down to 0 again when I press PLAY. I did not create any automation to this track. I use Tyrell N6. Could this be a bug ? Please help. This is so frustrating. Thanks !

EDIT : I managed to find the problem with Tyrell n6 filters. Its related to the stop button in Renoise. If I press it the filters will jump down to 0. Im sure this is not normal.

That sounds very strange, haven’t heard of a similar problem before. The instrument swapping places in the instrument list?
I wonder if you might be doing something incorrectly, but i can’t think of what that might be?

The only thing i could think of is if you have the keyboard focus on the wrong place while you press some keys that you think should be doing something, let’s say in the pattern editor, but the focus is in the browser, then you won’t get the expected result.

Where exactly is the change happening, is it just that one instrument has taken the place of another after you reload the song? Or is it the instrument number that has changed in the pattern editor?

About the VST problem, you say all of your VST filters, do you mean several different brands of VST filters or is it just multiple instances of one filter?
Usually the problem is with the VST itself, so it’s probably better to contact the creators of the VST.
I have come across a few VST’s that sound completely different after reloading the track, but all those cases were most likely because of the VST and not Renoise.

Are you using hardware controllers or something that is hooked up to Renoise that can cause these things to happen perhaps?

Edit: i misunderstood, i thought you were talking about a VST filter, but now i see you’re talking about the filters inside a synth called n6. I just downloaded it, so i can see if i come across the issue, did you use a specific preset?

some weird things happen (…)

If you manage to trigger this problem quite easily, then could you upload a small example song file (.XRNS) for us to take a look at?

It could be something basic that we notice right away, which is perhaps not so obvious to a brand new user.

I just tested Tyrell n6 and i couldn’t notice any problems. Sounds pretty cool though, seems like a nice little synth.

dblue suggested uploading the xrns which could provide some useful info, but maybe a screen capture of what you do would be even more useful as it would be easier to spot if you do something incorrectly.https://obsproject.com/download is a free screen capture software that lets you do this easily and from there it’s just for you to upload it to a video host like youtube.

Maybe try to disable all tools and see if it helps.

Thank for all responses. The filter problem was some bug from Tyrell. I did a fresh install of the plugin and now the bug is gone. About the instrument swapping : it happened several times but I think it was becouse I swapped a pattern incorrectly and it got swapped back. I don´t really know. Anyway it doesn´t seem to happen anymore. Cheers !

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