Bug: Redux converts some XI incorrectly (example on DropBox)


Still running into weird things with Redux when I try to work with it. Today’s weirdness: Why does Redux handle this FastTracker instrument differently than MilkyTracker, ie: wrongly?

Oh, wait, I can’t attach an XI, XM, or a Zip to this post. Sigh. Now what?

Here: Dropbox - GUS Bowed Glass.xi - Simplify your life

The only difference I hear is that the release on the volume envelope is much shorter in Redux than it is in milkyTracker. You can adjust that on the modulation tab, volume section.

Modulation works a lot differently in Renoise/Redux than it does in FT2 or Milky, so I’m not sure if instruments can be emulated perfectly. It could definitely be improved, though.

Interestingly, the import of the XM into Renoise was fine, and saving an instrument from Renoise, which was then imported into Redux, was also fine. I’m calling this an XI handling bug in Redux.

Thanks for examining it, by the way. I was looking all around the interface and not finding where the cutoff was happening, and it looked like it shouldn’t seeing as the volume curve seemed to be midway by the time the sample was cutting out for me.