[Bug] Renoise 3.3.2 and tools: Sliders not work with CTRL + drag mouse

R3.3.2, W10 x64
There has probably been some change under the hood in the latest versions of Renoise that prevents you from using the slider bar fine-tuning (CTRL + mouse pointer dragging the slider bar). This only happens on normal sliders and probably small ones. In the knobs it works correctly. This happens in Renoise (all platforms) and in the tools.

I think I remember there was a last change in API 6.1 that maybe has something to do with this.

@taktik., could you bring back the fine adjustment on the sliders with CTRL + mouse drag?

Related issue: Shortcut for fine grained slider movements doesn't work? - #7 by Raul

3.3.2 here on Mojave and cmd+drag works normally, as always…

@Raul please edit this argument, since it is not really true:

3.3.2 on Manjaro lnx no problem

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Is it possible that the problem is only with the CTRL key and if there is another operating system that does not use this key but a different one, will it work correctly?

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As confirmed by @joule, in Windows 10, if you enable the checkbox “Mouse warping …” box “Renoise:Preferences/Global”, the sliders will work again with CTRL + drag for fine tuning.

I have tested it with R3.3.2 and W10 x64. However, there is an inconsistency in the programming under the hood, because the knobs should work exactly the same. Regardless of this checkbox, the rotating knobs will always work for fine tuning.