[BUG?] Unable to mute midi controlled and track assigned instruments

Hi all,

Description :

I am encountering unexpected behaviour from midi controlled and track assigned instruments in renoise: mute buttons from mixer and waveform views have no effect. Volume slider works as expected, though.

Steps to reproduce:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • reniose 64bit - V3.1.1
  • external MIDI signal source routed to renoise via loopMIDI v1.0.13
  • set up midi routing and “Assigned Tracks” as shown in screenshot:

8335 rns_midi_routing.PNG

  • Add samples / instruments for slot 00 and 01
  • Play midi source
  • For track 02, press mute button (M) in mixer view or press waveform window in scope view

Expected results:

  • Audio signal from track 02 ismuted

Actual results:

Side note:

  • Odd: lowering the volume slider to -INF mutes track 02 as expected

Is this a bug? Or do I have to reconsider my expectations?