[BUG] Volume Column - 3.4.1

Ok, now we know there’s a way to covert it if we wish, and that’s great!

But if not work it is a bug, I’m a programmer too, in fact is what I do to pay my bills.

If you load an old DOC file from Word 97 will load fine under the brand new word version. Because it’s just a file with data, load but the letter “V” doen’st work it is a bug. DOC files are just data, like a RNS song it’s a XML file with data to be loaded by Renoise, if missing something or need to change something, it should detect and update, adding/remove infos to make the old file works fine in the new version.

A game it’s a complete different thing, have TECH involved which change over time, and that’s why your PS2 game will not work at PS5. I do work with games too:

I can assure you that these are completely different things.

If a convertion is required, I would do like Photoshop do when open an old file version, it prompt asking if we wish to update. This would avoid my problem and many that will have the same problem in the future, and it’s easier to implement. That’s my suggestion.

I will try the convertion, and hopes that will fix my issue.

thank you all for your inputs.

works! thank you!

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