Bug:When Panning Left-Right With A Send-Device On Track

i just noticed this

im trying to mix some “metal-guitars”

and i got the same sample on 2 tracks,one panned left,the other right (100%)

this is where it gets weird.

when i apply a send-device with voxengo boogex to each track,and solo them theres sound in the left panned track,but when i solo the right-panned track theres no sound?but when i remove the send-device from the rightpanned track it works at is it supposed too

is it me who is doing something stupid,or does this happen for anyone else too??

EDIT:just to clarify i just copied the sample from sample-slot 00 to 2 tracks,and panned one left,the other right)i dont have the same sample in sample-slot 00 and 01

if i have the same sample in sample-slot 00 and 01 and do the same thing as above,all works as its supposed.

so maybe it isent a bug after all??

if i remember right this have to do with mono samples. you should use a “gainer” device for the channels and use the pan there.
not sure if it´s a bug or not.


thanks kasmo,ok im gonna try using a gainer,i guess its not a bug then :rolleyes:

EDIT:just tried doing the panning with the gainer,but still cant hear the panned right track,when theres a send-device on.when i remove the send-device all is fine,