Bug when re- arranging midi instruments in instrument box

I have created different midi channels, and named them in the instrument box .

When I re-arrange them , for example drop instrument 1 (midi out 1) below instrument 2 (midi out 2 ) ., there is no more midi output

Ineed to re-select / re instatiate my output device from the midi output tab, altough it didn’t change .

At the moment I am using a Roland integra -7 and it’s included combined audio/midi driver …over usb.

But why would renoise mess with the midi driver , when all I do is re-arrange the instruments …

There is not really an equivalent of renoise instrument box in other programs , but if I just re-arrange my midi instruments in reaper , all is fine .



Update after re-arring a second time …it’s back to normal.

So for example

Instr.1 = midi 1

Instr.2 = midi 2

Instr 3 = etc…

Dropping instrument 1 below 3 gives no more midi out

But If I now re-arrange 2 empty Dummy instrument ( with no vst or midi out not even a name ) ,

it’s back to normal

Verry strange .

Just checked .bug not present in renoise 3.0

Don’t have 3.1 installed anymore .

So safe to say , it’s renoise 3.1.1 related

Oh please , not another 2 years for a bug fix


A confirmation from the dev’s would be nice


Hello dev’s , give at least a confirmation of this bug ;

The communication on this board is sad, or rather the lack of

I don’t have any external hardware to test with, but I’ve just quickly tried it with my soundcard’s onboard MIDI synth and I can indeed recreate the problem you’ve described.

In my case it’s enough to quickly create a new dummy instrument and then assign a MIDI output to restore functionality to everything else.

Thanks for confirming

Any chance it will be fixed ?

Any chance it will be fixed ?

It seems like it should be a fairly straightfoward thing to track down, but it’s really for taktik to look at during his next Renoise hacking session.