[Buggy(?) Tool] Lock Keyboard Focus Not Remembered

I generally like to use Lock Keyboard Focus Off but have just noticed I am having to reset this every time I start up Renoise. Just opening Renoise, setting this setting, closing and reopening again and it has returned to the default of being on.

I have just tried uninstalling and and reinstalling Renoise to no avail.

WinXP SP3.

On win7 it stays off (thank god)

OK uninstalled, renamed the Renoise AppData folder backup and reinstalled and it remembers. Now to work out if it was a corrupted config file or a tool doing something strange or what…

EDIT: Definitely a side effect of one of the Tools I have installed. Will take me some time but will work out which one and let the creator know.

Root cause is with Cie’s Step Sequencer Tool (which I had installed but am yet to actually try out.) If I toggle that Tool between being Enabled or Disabled then either my choice of Focus Lock gets remembered or overridden.

Thanks for reporting. This is strange. I do not override on purpose any preferences. Maybe it has something to do with the preferences.xml I save with the tool, if you alter the step_amount it is saved in a separate file. Maybe renoise loads then the default preferences.
I do not have XP, but windows 7, let’s see if I could see this behaviour as well.

I think I have found the bug, and I can confirm that the StepSequencer is enabling the keyboard lock by default.

I will fix this today or tomorrow and update the tool.

Fixed and new version uploaded to the tools page.