[buggy VST] Noise Problem With Energy XT 2

i have just installed energyxt v2, and tested it with renoise beta 6.
everything seems to work perfectly with syncing and all that stuff,
but there is this horrible digital noise infiltrating the playback of
energy xt… and when I click ‘external sync’ in xt OFF, the noise goes away…

any ideas why?
would be very much appreciated! thanks

hm, i really can’t get XT to work well with my setup, it’s acting weird and buggy.

are there any other options (vst/vsti, or whatever) for syncing long samples in time
with Renoise? i guess i could do it with Sonar or something, but i would hate to have
those to apps playing simultaneously, i’d prefer to have everything in a song INSIDE

any help will be appreciated

This is a known bug in energyXT2 that will be fixed in the next beta. I think.

Several host’s did not get any sound at all. And there is a tempo synch problem.

Better to use energyXT1 for now.