buglet - can't symlink plugins on linux

hi there,

this is on linux 64bit with both the latest 2.x and 3.x beta versions.

when i have a symlink to a plugin .so in a directory on one of my plugins paths, the plugin is not recognised. if i replace the symlink with a copy of the actual .so file it is recognised as normal.

i’d rather symlink to an .so in its directory (with the rest of the stuff from a commercial plugin) than put a copy in another directory on my plugin path that i have to remember to keep up to date.


ps. while i’m here what’s the status of lv2 for linux? there are now lots of good plugins only available as lv2. i realise linux support could not be a commercial priority, thanks for supporting it at all.

What happens if you symlink the the whole folder the plugin is in rather than the .so?
I suspect the plugin itself may also have some demands and sanity checks to see if it is started alright…

… have you tried to symlink the (containing) directory instead of the .so only ?

edit: sh… i am to slow :(

as i said the plugin is in a directory with a lot of other stuff related to this commercial product, so i only want to symlink the plugin rather than add a directory on my vst path that is full of all sorts of other junk (which symlinking the directory would still do)…

also, i already have the directory i put the symlink in (.vst in my home directory) on my plugin path, are you saying that if i symlink the plugin directory there renoise will pick it up, even though it will now be in a subdirectory which isn’t specifically on the plugin path? ie. are you saying that renoise scans for plugins recursively from top level directories on the plugin path?


btw, i know the plugin will load from a symlinked directory, because the directory i already had on my plugins path (.vst in my home directory), where i put a copy of the plugin .so, is a symlink to another directory. ;)/>

as i said when i put a copy of that single file, the plugin .so, all by itself, with nothing else from that commercial app, in my symlinked .vst directory, it loads, but when i put a symlink to that single file, it doesn’t load.

and yeah, i tested symlinking the plugin’s actual directory into my symlinked .vst directory, an it still loads, which i guess means directories on the plugin paths are recursively searched for plugins…

what about my lv2 question, should i move that to another thread?