Buhnt Bieken

Not made for the smokers.


As always: please do comment, criticise and advise yer pretty behinds off. Dunno if the sub sounds alright, hope it does.

sounds pretty cool, lots of variations with the bassline. can’t tell about soundquality cause i’m on laptop speakers right now so everything sounds like trapped bees regardless. only thing i would say is possibly you need a bit more space in the track, give a little more space to atmospheric sections where the drums and bass drop out, so that when they drop back in they have more effect. at the moment you only have one main breakdown section 2/3rds of the way through, its quite short and it feels a little cluttered/too much going on. give the track a bit more space to breathe and it will have more effect i think. generally nice though.

Thanks for our comments.

I think you are right about the track needing some space to breathe. Usually I get the balance wrong in the opposite direction, by putting in to many breakdowns and quiet bits. Maybe I was overcompensating?