Build A Techno Track In One Hour

Just watched this video where JCO ( builds a techno track in one hour in front of an audience
It’s from 2009, but since it’s a great video and I’m not sure if it has made it here before, here goes:

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it’s fun, even though (or especially because) he’s parodying what he does and claims to be “techno”.
a few excerpts for the non-germans:

(after entering a column of straight 4/4 kickdrums and listening to the result)
“alright! to be specific, techno is no art!”

(after the audience voiced their demand for a hihat)
"yeah yeah, slowly… .i’m doing this step by step, so you get an impression of how this stuff works and that “techno” is really not worthy to be called music and whoever listens to this stuff is really… (shakes head) "

(whilst playing the combination of a pre-sampled chord + kickdrum together for the 1st time)
“well, sounds pretty neat already - we can just listen to this for half an hour!”

(whilst preparing the 1st break)
“it is important that you make use if a cymbal crash if you wanna do a break. It’s an important rule for techno productions”. No cymbal crash - no techno. It’s basically like no 909 hihat - no techno."

(whilst automating a filter frequency)
“in order to do this, it is mandatory that you have studied the piano at the academy of music for at least 15 years until you reach the required level of skill”

(whilst explaning the pattern editor)
“for those who care: this is the note column, the note column is not of any interest because the genre i’m exercising here is a subgenre of techno and is called “C-4 TECHNO”. You can easily see that here” (points at various columns with C-4 entries)

fun stuff, wonder if there is money in teaching tracking in presentations.

probably 3 beer coupons.

Haha you’d be surprised at the quality of teaching on some of the expensive, “music production”/“music tech’” courses I’ve seen being peddled by universities and colleges here recently…from what i’ve read here most of you could do a better job of teaching ‘how to make music’ :D

in the beginning of the video he says that he wants to show the audience a few techniques he learned in brazil and that he needs a program for that.
and right before he opens Renoise he says “sooo … i’ve brought my spreadsheet”. :D

hm, he uses an LFO for the ducking effect, didn’t Renoise have a Signal Follower in 2009? and no pattern matrix?

Hey Keith303, thanks for translating some of his finer points. I’m not exactly fluent in german, but I did manage to understand that he wasn’t entirely serious about the whole thing. Techno, fortunately, is used to being prügelknabe - those of us who like it don’t mind that it’s stupidly simple to make
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Only in Brazil

jajajaja, hilarious. Now I want the Minimal Techno video

Lol… C-4 techno. I like that. So they call it that because it’s explosive right? Myself I’m more into the faster bpm stuff, C-5 techno is more my thing.

does he mention what samples he used there? would love to know

he just mentiones that he “reuses” samples from an old song he started.
the ones he adds later on are from an “old sample CD” (8 character filename limit… :) ).
And finally, the vocals are from a german tv&radio chat show…

thanks plasmaniac. i just wondered because the samples in the project file are named as if they’re from a sample cd, just curious which one it is.

Bumping this topic, since I just stumbled on to JCO’s vimeo page and found that the Renoise song is available for download there:

C-4 Techno FTW

Thanks, was looking for this :blush: