Build Up's/Smooth Automation from pattern to pattern


I have not yet purchased Renoise, I have many second guesses to it. It seems like it would be immensely painstaking to automate a single parameter seamlessly across 2 or more patterns for build ups and such. The answer to some would be to combine 2 patterns into 1, but then your left lost in a desert of dots and data. Keep in mind a break down/build up section can be over 32 bars long. Is there a real solution?

Another thing, why does the LFO go from a moderate wobble to a complete stop when you try to adjust it to a slow setting? When is it going to be sync-able across 32-64+ patterns (I like odd time signatures, typical 4/4 scale won’t do)?

It would be nice if the start time of the sample could be modulated buy LFO, true S&H, and/or Free Organic Randomness as well.

Over all Renoise seems like an unfinished product and should be freeware.


:lol:/> Everything you are wanting is already possible, try reading the manual and forum before making an ass of yourself.

Sorry for being cynical,

But Renoise can do nice slow and easy LFO’s??? Cuz mine don’t work like that…

And is there a way to interpolate across multiple patterns?

I did make several search attempts before I decided to post for the record.

Thanks again bro,

You can zoom out the automation editor so there are more patterns on one screen, this can go up to whole song ;)
And the LFO can have any frequency from practically static to 1 per line, you just have to write the value manually. Try something like 128 LPC or 256 (recalculate for your time signature if needed). You can even write down thousands if it’s not slow enough. Just because the slider itself cannot represent such low values doesn’t mean the device itself doesn’t support it. If you only adjust the slider with mouse the best you can do is 64, then 100 and then near infinite LPC.
If you want more resolution increase your LPB to 16 or 24.
And remember the LFO goes forever even when the playback is stopped, so make sure you put reset command in the pattern where the part with LFO begins.

Using the Graphical Automation, it’s a piece of cake to automate parameters across multiple patterns. Simply zoom out the view to see the patterns you’re interested in, then draw your lines, curves, etc. You can even use the Line tool to quickly draw across multiple patterns at once. Very simple.

When adjusting device parameters, you can use Ctrl+Drag to make finer adjustments. Alternatively, you can directly input the exact value you want, simply by clicking on the value text itself (where it says “64.00 LPC”, for example) and then typing in the desired new value.

The LFO speed is measured in Lines Per Cycle, or LPC for short. If your patterns are 64 rows long and you want the LFO cycle to span two patterns, then set it to 128 LPC (64 x 2). If you want it to last for 4 patterns, set it to 256 LPC (64 x 4). And so on.

You can right-click the LFO’s Reset button to insert a reset command into your pattern. You can use this to sync the LFO’s position to your desired point in time.

While it’s not yet possible to have a sample behave this way automatically, you could potentially use the Sxx sample command to achieve a similar result. This command lets you trigger the sound from different points within the sample, so you can add S01, S02, S03 and so on, to each different note in your pattern to vary the sound a little bit. You could even use the humanize function to quickly randomize the command values for you, then perhaps fine-tune them a bit with the advanced edit panel.

If you really feel like Renoise is an unfinished product, despite the fact that it’s obviously an incredibly powerful sequencer that thousands of people are happily using every day, then I doubt we’ll ever be able to convince you otherwise. But you shouldn’t let a few small frustrations cloud your view of the bigger picture. Spend a bit of time to get more familiar with the application and it will reward you.

Respectfully, I understand if you’re frustrated by a few things, but get real… this is a completely ridiculous thing to say.

Respectfully, I understand if you’re frustrated by a few things, but get real… this is a completely ridiculous thing to say.

I know i was sipping on the whiskey when I posted, I wanted to be convinced otherwise. You folks are extremely helpful, thank you very much for the detailed explanations. I’m sold