Build Your Own Midi-controller

Very cheap; Only 2610 ¤! :)

Check this out!

Try this:

the “midibox”

midibox roxxx!!!

i stuffed my custom made aluminium case with:

  • 8 rotatory pots
  • 8 slider pots
  • 8 trigger pushbuttons
  • lc-display
  • 4 switchs for 16 slot memory
  • ectect other cool gadgets burned into 8bit PIC-microchip
    (so cool that even renoise cannot support those…yet?)

i can sell it if somebody is interested price is 333e which comes from:
150e for parts
150€ for 2 month job
…and 33e for new controller


Do you have some pictures? Would be nice to see it :)