Builder: A nice and joyful track. I think maybe the bass gets a bit boring in the long run and my suggestion would be to let the pluck bass arp breathe a bit without constantly playing the same, let it rather open up with some longer notes and some pitch slides for effect. Maybe alternating with different bass sounds could help a bit also?

Destroyer: Great track, i definately prefer this one over the two, it’s a bit more dynamic and unpredictable. Only thing i noticed the sidechain is a bit heavy in the start, but i get used to it. :slight_smile:

When i read the titles i was expecting a bit more of a construction type music with mechanical sounds that builds up throughout the track while the other that takes it all back apart with explosives and big machines untill nothin’s left. I can’t really see where the building and destroying comes into the picture in these tracks to be honest, they could just as well be called Beverage and Solid Foods or Tinfoil and Metal Bar. Haha, i shouldn’t really complain about track titles, i recently named a track “Skid Marks” myself. :smiley:

The first one’s called builder because when I saved it at first it only consisted of those builds at the beginning of the track. The second one’s called destroyer because of word association. First builder, then destroyer. The titles say nothing about the tracks. I’m just too lazy to think of more evocative or appropriate names for songs that instrumentals.