"Building The Most Advanced DAW On The Planet"

Dear developers,

for your information,
maybe you can draw some ideas for renoise 4.0 from it. Or 5.0? :)



how much oversampling do supersaw dropstep doodles really need before good ideas begin to materialize?

^^ Good point

Remember the days when talented 14 years old made these kind of stuff on their Amiga 500’s?

Truth is that most people today crave the ultimate DAW
mostly because it makes it easier for them to blur the simple fact
that they have no talent whatsoever

That is indeed the point. What matters is the results that come from your hand and if you can do the magic with the Nintendo tracker, that doesn’t mean you can perform the same magic in a Superdaw. Or perhaps you are only using 0,002% of it.
I doubt someone would actually need or use 80% of any current enhanced DAW. If a feature doesn’t exist, there are always tricks to get there. If you can do that, you are bright enough to produce something worth my while ;)


don’t get me wrong :confused: I just wanted to inform, but i guess just quoting the title of the KVR-tread was a bit misleading.
I agree that distorted Dupstep and bitcrushed Chiptunes would not much gain from 96kH. Nor ideas will arise.
To me, renoise is not a toy, its - to my blunt untrained ears - the best sounding DAW (incl. timing,…) with a fantastic interface. I use it for all kind of music. Restrictions can be fun and creative but i prefer actual tooling - most for the good sound.


Like it were yesterday.

Nice to see somebody else remembering those days as if were yesterday :)

It’s interesting to find out where many of the demoscene musicians some 20+ years ago have gone today

That classic “Space Debris” mod I quoted above for example - (composed by Markus Kaarlonen under the handle “Captain”) - I know that he’s involved with the band Poets of the fall. Some of their stuff is actually pretty good IMO, like for example the single “Lift”, great refrain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOxs8-wdufE


Some people say that that talent really it’s just the result of some hard work. That seems kind of like a rude thing to say???

I don’t want to say lazy people and whiny people are correlated in some way, because, I don’t think so? But that’s what you seem to be saying. Awful.

Theres a funny thing in the air these days.

Music gear, hardware, plugins and DAW software… theres SO MUCH of it around now. Theres also SO MUCH music around. SO MANY artists and, as we have observed, a dearth of soul and innovation in all of the above. Of course, with exceptions, but generally I think it’s true.
And why?
Well, in my experience it started with magazines like Sound On Sound. Music gear porn. Establishing a monthly, shiny, attractive catalog of things that you probably cannot afford … but telling you that you really can’t afford not to have it ‘at this bargain price’ … and offering ways to spread payment so you can have this thing you so desire.

With this came a generation of people who filled rooms with synths and samplers. Quite often without a decent compressor or EQ in sight! And that says everything. Thousands and thousands spent on hardware but when you look at the preamps, converters, dynamics and tone shaping equipment in those rooms you will find clues to a kind of insanity brought on by ‘gear porn’.

It became more about acquisition and ownership of attractive instruments than the music itself. Want, not need.

And there were (are) many people who are very happy to perpetuate this deluded circle. Just look at the companies who are selling the super-sexy synths, look at the propaganda and ask yourself ‘is this really about making music, or is it about selling things’.
Of course, business is business. We can understand that there is a large industry working here and we all love toys. Accepted.

But I think all of this contributes to the ‘dearth of soul and innovation’ in the music scene these days. Musicians? Or consumers of music equipment who sit in front of their collection and are slave to it?

So maybe it’s not that people ‘have no talent’ - it’s just that quite often the path to realising their musical dream is obscured by this sphere of instrument-lust.

That somehow cuts problems quite well these days. Besides the people that “want” to have or to buy, there are also people who do have talent, but no inspiration, hoping that new gear would bring inspiration.
If you are really stuck though, buying near gear won’t help you. Just letting go for a while and put your mind on other things will help.


It feels like it’s more ‘fashion industry’ than ‘music industry’. You want to be fashionable? Throw away those blue clothes, yellow is the thing now! Until, of course, we tell you blue is the thing. Then it’s ‘new blue’ not old blue! So no point in keeping those blue clothes and waiting - throw them away and buy yellow I tell you!

Although I certainly agree with your description of the symptom, I’d also add that this kind of behavior is - on a deeper level - related to the issue of cognitive self-reliance and independence (or rather the lack of it). In any environment hostile to self-governed thought and action, social constructivism (e.g. “fashion trends”) becomes the default cognitive mindset.

This is also the main problem with today’s mixed market driven economies: Business will try to ride on the socially constructed waves and harvest as much money as possible with the minimum amount of effort possible. This is what Lenin referred to when he said (paraphrased) that “capitalists will compete to sell the rope for their own hanging.”

The other related problem with mixed market economies is the “information problem”: people will go with the drift and buy shit because millions of flies accept it. They won’t be able to do honest, independent research nor have the time for it. But do we really need 40 different brands/tubes of toothpaste on the shelves in our grocery stores? Do we need 10 different synths in order to compose something good? Well, that’s the modern myth many interests will try to maintain.

It’s about time for a new revolution in the world, propelled by the concept of the self-thinking individual who also channel his efforts into the benefit of his fellow men - volontarily and according to his own judgement. A collaborative effort to raise both IQ and EQ among the people, but also accepting the fact that such qualities can’t be distributed evenly according to egalitarian or utilitarian premises.

Such a quiet revolution would gradually phase out both traditional capitalism (maximum gain for oneself regardless of others) and traditional socialism (maximum gain for society/others regardless of oneself). And it would start with the idea that the natural mode of human action would be to think for oneself, rather than filter one’s conclusions through the social constructs and opinion of others.

my kinda thread

If you want to give me an “advanced DAW”, give me something that plays back sound and doesn’t crash. Oh, and something that isn’t a convoluted piece of shit. (I’m looking at you Sonar X1)

My favorite thing about daws is managing windows because the UI designers, if there even were any, couldn’t figure out where to put all their shit.

I love the cascade feature in Cubase, it’s really nice, you never know when you need an impenetrable stack of shit to fuck with, for $1,000.

Whole religions and political systems and world wars are started to obfuscate the blame for both the human and the nature parts of human nature. WHOLE DAW WARS even. You can easily make a tune and if it’s good enough, afterwards bother with the mixing and masterizing… But, no, blame it on the MAN, man.