Building tool to batch convert MIDI to XRNS


I’m looking to convert a bunch of MIDI files to XRNS. Unfortunately, while this is possible by clicking on a MIDI file and explicitly opening it with renoise, the lua scripting doesn’t seem to include MIDI as a filetype that it can load. Any tips on using LUA to convert a MIDI file with multiple tracks to XRNS? I’m not worried about the lack of samples in the MIDI file, as I can add xrni’s post-hoc, but I just want the same output you get when you manually click on a MIDI and open it in Renoise.

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I’ve used this one as a starting point. MIDI.lua

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This sounds great.
Some features I’d implement if I were developing a MIDI import tool:

  • Map which MIDI channel goes to which track before importing
  • Selective channel import. Ex: Import honky tonk piano channel but not helicopter channel
  • The ability to span multiple patterns and create them if necessary
  • beat/sync/lpb/divisor setting to allow the imported notes to have double, equal, half, etc spacing between notes
  • filter/ignore note-off, velocity, other parameters. I think often I just want to import a long sequence of notes at a set volume and not deal with any extra data