Built-in tracker skills game

You know that good old FT2 had Nibbles…

Now I proposethis simple but very practical game to be implemented as a native functionality in Renoise (or maybe as a Lua script, don’t know if it’s possible to script):

  1. Select an instrument.

  2. Click on thegame icon to activate skills mode.

  3. You’ll hear a randomized sequence played with your selected instrument. You canhit playbackagain to hear it repeated.

  4. Your mission is to track down the notes and FX in the pattern editor untilthesequence iscorrectly reproduced. You can’t playback your input pattern data and hear it though.The gamewill only compare the pattern data you’ve entered with the original and make hints. All you can hear is the original sequence.

  5. You do this on time and get a score based on your skills.

The purpose of implementing this game is toaim the development ofpure tracking skills, and to have something to reach for spontaniously.

Playingthisgame several times per Renoise session would likely be a good exercise and make you faster at transforming musical thought to nailing it down in the pattern editor. And tracking is somewhat about speed, right?

Sounds like a cool idea, and I think it’s definitely doable with a tool.