Built-in upgrade and/or permanent configuration when upgrading

It is really brilliant that Renoise is updated more often, the only downside is that (on mac at least) the settings are reset to default (midi map, themes…)

The best possible solution would be a built in updater with in-app update notification…

The less best option would be that stuffs remain the way they are after install

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bumping my own stuff with a less goofy title because I think it’s important. That’s the kind of small-ish features that can prevent loads of frustration

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This should not happen. A new Renoise version makes a copy of the old preferences, so the old preferences remain and the new ones are based on the old ones.

But maybe this indeed is a Mac specific problem with OSX Gatekeeper. Sometimes, Gatekeeper decides that Renoise should be run “sandboxed” - this basically prevents that Renoise saves anything on your Mac.

Could you please post/attach your Renoise log file, so that we could check if this is the problem?
You’ll find the log files in Renoise -> “Help” -> “Show the Log File…”

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I got it confused you got to move the app in the application folder to make it work properly. Mac installer often display a window that prompt the user to move the app into said folder.

stuff like that:
Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 19.25.08

Renoise just launches from wherever it is.