Bunny Suicides


I love that one

i hate that… poor bunny



I meant:


yeah, that BBC test wasnt lying :lol:

Oddly creative, cute little bunnies trying to kill themselves. Now this is funny… :D

Tho I don’t like the ones where the bunnies actually dies, kinda crosses the line between humor and grotesqe.

I don’t get it… or I don’t find it funny. I haven’t decided yet.

It remind’s me JoeCartoon series or HappyTreeFriends series…
What can i say ? Sick, sadistic imagination… Never makes me laugh for real, just curious about how many methods to kill they inventing.

yes, I agree:
look at this picture, for example: I like it because it lets you imagine how the end will be.

this one is even better, because you need some seconds to understand what’s going on (or at least I did :))

instead this one could have been the best, in my opinion, without the second part.

is there such a line btw? :rolleyes:

Exactly. I guess that most of the times this is why funny things are… funny :)
The one you pointed out being better without the second part just made me think like "oh well… the second part was useless… "

I couldn’t help but asking myself what the hell was wrong with the one who made those pics… or it’s just my passion for psychology? :unsure:

I find something inexplicably cute about small furry animals that so desperately want to die. I agree about the ones that actually depict the eventuality instead of implying it- that star trek one would have been perfect, especially because it would require a moderately geeky individual to determine it’s outcome.