Here’s a short little tune about bunnies.


Nice use of 6/4 time.

nice track bro

nnnnnice one !

Thanks guys! :)

Maybe i’ll do some more work on it, it’s a bit sloppy and made in only a couple of hours, only thing is that when i attempt to fix a track i usually end up making it worse. :rolleyes:

Love the second half (after 01:00)
It reminds me the “Believe” by Chemical Bros. a little bit. Love that lead… Owzhhhhhh!

Yep, definitely a nice one!

great stuff!

Thank you!
Nice comparison there Alex, not shure if i’m quite there yet though. :P
Think i will do some more work with my old Ibanez, just a shame that i suck playing it, but thank god for Renoise where i can suck playing instruments and still produce something pretty tight. :D