Burlapse ~ New Track - Idm

been using Renoise for years now
and i’ve never been really involved with the community here
so here i’m posting my new track, hopefully you’ll like an share you thoughts

here is my new track Burlapse, made with Renoise!
hope you like your tunes crazy.

i also recently made a video of my live performance during Art Basel 2011 in Miami.
it’s 2 songs. Protostar and Insignificance.
i was gonna submit it to the Vimeo Awards but unfortunately it was not long enough (needed to be 20 mins or more).


Great track !!

I really like Insignificance,

Thanx Vmuriel!
and thanx for the “fave”!

ey man nice sounds , keep those tracks coming :)

Really nice :)

hey man thanks for favoring my tracks. means a lot, keeps me motivated. thanx dude!

thanx for the listen!