Burning Shields [Techno]

I’ve used Renoise to sequence, the drums are sampled 909 with some analogue style instabilities. Using TAL Juno + 101 synths and Samples from old breakbeat CD compilations.

Mixing and Mastering was done with Reaper.



not techno, to be fair. Sounds like not a specific genre to me, more like “electronic,” or perhaps something of your own creation.

not trying to gatekeep, but techno, as a genre, has a fairly consistent structure and aesthetic beyond a 4 on the floor kick… I don’t make techno, so I couldn’t really speak to the particulars, but i’d be hard pressed to consider this a part of that genre

some nice atmosphere towards the end, though :slight_smile:

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Man that was great!!Lovely dark atmosphere just how i like it

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Enjoyed, well done!
Sounds like techno to me :slight_smile: just a little slower than the typical stuff

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