burning songs to CD?

Hi, I am a newbie and here is my question: Is it possible to convert my songs in a format ready to burn on a CD?
Thanks for help!

If you’re a registered user, there most certainly is. Just render your songs (Render-button in the disk operations menu) at 44,1khz / 16bit. Of course you can render at 96khz (or any other rate) if you’ve set up your delays, filters, flangers and whatnot to take advantage of it, but after rendering you will probably need to use some audio editor to resample your tracks to 44,1khz/16bit, unless your burning program can do such conversions on its own.

If you’re not yet a registered user… Well, consider becoming one - 45€ for goodie features and a warm, fuzzy feeling really isn’t that much. :)

Thank you! Will register soon. Want to try the program some time. I’ve used Madtracker for a long time, but Renoise seems to be great. I think it will become my favorite tracker.
Thanks again and good inspirationes to you! :D

MadTracker’s development is a bit slower than Renoise’s, to say the least.
I’ve been waiting for more than 2 years for MadTracker 3 and I’m sick of waiting to be fair.
Bring on Renoise 1.3 (and recording of synth-tweaks into Renoise + rendering of synth-output! :) ).
Registration will follow when these features get implemented, maybe sooner (1.3?).


for 1.3 most important issues will be recording in sample editor (sampling) and skins… but also more things… also WIP page on renoise.com. wait a bit and see… actually… why waiting… register and you’ll see it anyway ;)

Also there will be some improvements in GUI (resizeable window, various fullscreen resolutions…)…

i already said too much, we like to keep some things as surprise :)