Bus compressor ][ (improved bus compressor)


I really learned to love the bus compressor in Renoise. Especially the flexible knee, it’s a very beautiful knee just like my girlfriend’s one.

But maybe there is some room for improvements. If you planning to add a nu compressor device, please consider the following suggestions:

  • The bc will start the distort or even crackle with very small amount of attack. Especially on deep basses, it’s kind of hard to get a non crackling result with low attack ( TB for example have an hold parameter that’s why:http://www.toneboosters.com/tb-buscompressor/ )

  • A ratio below 1, for expansion, would be helpful. Sometimes this is a nice tool.

  • a mix amount, for parallel compression.

  • Compression curve inversion like here:http://www.toneboosters.com/tb-buscompressor/ (upward button)

  • Mid/side modes would be very helpful. For example if you leave the transients more on the side than in the mid, you will get an extra stereo boost.

Thanks for considering.

I began to like renoise bus compressor also
but i had to figure out that you have to use big threshold and long attack to get nice sound
and it doesnt behave like any compressor i know. So i would leave the sound and change value behaving.

I today made a comparison of the compressors of Renoise vs. Bitwig vs. Studio One.

So I would like to add the following suggestions:

  1. Adaptive Release -> Does sound much more dynamically and colored (for example on bass, you must try the S1 compressor on a bass)

  2. Sidechain / own trigger signal LP / HP filters, maybe just like in the signal follower device -> nice for more accurate compression

  3. Look-ahead, just like in Signal follower -> Good for really exact transients

4. Stereo link / Mono - side chain / trigger signal switch -> Makes a signal with huge stereo variations more consistent