Button For Suspending The Soundcard Driver


I’m recently bothered by the fact that my soundcard does not support DirectSound output while it’s switched to ASIO mode. Hence everytime I want to use an external sample-editing tool I have to save my work and close Renoise.

If there are more people with the same issue I suggest to add a button that kind of suspends the soundcard in Renoise freeing it for DSound based applications.

How about that?

Kind regards,

PS: permanently switching to DSound in Renoise is not an option for me since I’m a heavy user of a masterkeyboard and ASIO just does the trick with that.

All you can do is trying different outputs for the waveditor, the waveout could work for example.

in my history I had two soundcards with that behaviour, one was a creative with the kx-drivers, there was no way to use any other output, and a maya 44 usb, which had a special asio-setting to enable MME.

In fact there`s currently only one consumer soundcard line available, hich allows the usage of more than one low latency system such as asio + directsound. You may want to check www.esi-pro.com . Their enhanced wdm (ewdm) drivers allow even flexible routing from WDM, ASIO, MME and GSIF.

Would it be possible to have it so you can tell renoise which outputs it can work with (1-8 say, even though I’m only using a stereo pair at hte moment anyway) , then you could put aside a stereo pair (9&10) for the wave editors output and hopefully it would then play smooth.

I assume everybody has the same problem of the wave editor playing out very distorted? Or was I jumping hte gun a little there?

I’ve got the Hammerfall HSDP9632 if that makes much difference.

i had exactly the same with a terratec ewx 2496. there was no way to use any other audio app while asio was being used.
i got myself a n emu0404 and later an echo mia (which both run simultaneously ATM)
with the echo soundcard you can even have 4 different asio applications playing back at the same time. i actually bought it with the purpose of midi-syncing renoise & FL via midiox. rewire would be nicer, but it works. :)

I can use my wave editor (Soundforge) while Renoise is open, it just sounds like shit! Even if I have it set to use different outputs to what Renoise is using (RME utalise something called Total Mix, so although you select an output from within an application, this “output” can then be sent to any combintaion of your real outputs)

Just about usuable enough for trying to grab a samp-le or loop out of a longer peice, such as an accapella, but if you want to hear what it actually sounds like then that is impossible.